Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Need sleep?

I'm a go-go-go kind of person. I've always got stuff to do and am usually busy getting stuff done. Last week, I kind of over did it. I stayed up way too late the few nights that my husband was out of town and then we had a weekend full of late night parties. I've never felt so tired! Is it my age? (I'm 31) Last night, for the first time since I was probably 8 years old, I went to bed at 7:30. My eyes were SOOO heavy, but I couldn't sleep! When my husband came to bed at 11:00, I asked him to get me a Tylenol PM. I only took one instead of 2 as per the prescribed dose and I did sleep. But I woke up disappointed - I was still sleepy! I thought I'd wake up a little early since I went to bed so early that I'd be all refreshed and ready to start the day; ready to go-go-go. My husband thinks I'm now tired from too much sleep, but I didn't really "sleep" as much as I would have liked. Uggg.... So much for catching up on sleep. But I'm ready to tackle the day. Let's see how I feel in about 6 hours ;-). Let me just say that I can not wait for Christmas break!!

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