Thursday, December 17, 2009

Snagged a great deal on teacher gifts...

...and it equalled very pleased teachers!  I don't usually shop at The Body Shop, so I don't think I truely appreciated the deal that I scored.  My new favorite blog, Hip2Save, posted this great deal where I could get a grab bag from The Body Shop for just $15 each.  To me, $15 sounds like just the right amount of money I'd like to spend on a teacher gift, so I ordered two - one for the teacher, and one for the assistant.  The thank you letters that I just recieved make it seem like I gave them too much (if there's such a thing!).  One teacher said, "you have spoiled me!" and the other teacher said she loves it and put exclamation points all over.  Thank you again, Hip2Save for making me the hero!

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