Monday, January 25, 2010

Using the resources around us

Our family had an action packed weekend and we were able to do it while spending very little money thanks to all the great activities that were happening in Yuma.  Saturday started with the free kids Build and Grow Clinic at Lowes where the kids built tic-tac-toe games.  Before leaving Lowes, we bought a new tomato plant, cilantro, and mint for our garden.  I found a Lowes card in a drawer last week and checked the balance online and discovered we had $17 on the card!  I have no idea where that card came from, but it meant no money out of pocket for the plants.  With the completion of their project at Lowes, the boys received a coupon for a free burger and fries from Burger King so we ran through the drive through and picked up free lunch.  After lunch, the boys rode their bikes around the track behind our house while I ran/walked and then we played at the park by our house.  Lastly, we went and saw The Princess and the Frog at the station theater where the kids were free (free for ages 6 and under) and adults were $2 each.  The boys each bought candy for $1.50 with their own money and my husband and I shared a small combo for $4.75 that included small drink, popcorn and a candy.  After the boys went to bed, we rented a Gran Torino from our local RedBox and spent $1 (none of the coupon codes I had would work).  Full exciting day for $9.75.

On Sunday, we hiked up Telegraph Pass (see picture at top) and then went to the Lettuce Days Festival.

We had a pretty action-packed weekend and without spending very much money :-).

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