Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Selling on Etsy - listing an item

First, I logged onto Etsy using my user name and password.  Then I clicked "Sell" in the top menu bar.  Next, I clicked on "List your Items" in the main body of the web page.

Step 1: Item description and list material used to make item.
Step 2: Categorize and Tag your item - I chose 13!!!  These tags are what is used to pull your item in buyer searches.  If I search for "red infinity scarf" my scarf should show up because those 3 words were also 3 of my tags.
Step 3: Choose the price you want to sell your item for, & create a shipping profile (listing the cost for shipping and what countries you want to ship to)
Step 4: Upload the pictures you want to use
Step 5: Review and FINISH!!

Now I just wait for someone to come along and buy it, right?  Click here to see my scarf on Etsy!

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