Thursday, December 10, 2009

Infinity Scarf

I like to crochet and mostly make baby blankets for friends. I love that they're smaller projects. An even smaller project is scarves and they've become so much more trendy the last couple of years. While at my friend Christina's house, her mom showed me an infinity scarf that she knitted. It's one continual loop of a scarf and I love the concept! Plus it's something new to make and it's always fun to try new things. Mostly, you wrap it around twice. The first one I made is for my mom. It's already wrapped up for Christmas and in the mail. I made another one the other day and wore it yesterday. Here's the one I wore. If I wasn't busy making an afghan for someone this Christmas (deadline is quickly approaching and I'm barely half done, yikes!), I'd make scarves for everyone I know - I love these! A friend loved it so much, I'm actually going to give it to her....shhh. I can make more for myself after Christmas when that afghan is done.
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  1. Katie, that is so cute! Is there any way you could post the pattern for it, or tell me where to find it. I just taught myself to crochet, and I made a hat for Kelly. It is so much fun, and projects come together much faster than knitting!

  2. There's no exact pattern. You make one really long chain (5-6 feet?) and then connect it to itself so that it's a circle. Make sure the chain is not twisted or else your scarf will be twisted - not that there's anything wrong with that. Then, crochet it however you want. The first one I made, I did a cluster stich so that I wouldn't have the "crochet rows," but this one I just did triple crochets because I wanted to get it done fast. I went round and round until I ran out of yarn. Does that help? If you check out you can search crochet infinity scarf and see lots of other great ideas.

  3. I happened upon your blog while searching for infinity scarf ideas... I happened upon this one on etsy that I thought I would share:

    Such an unconventional take on an infinity scarf! (And I bet it works up really quickly... just lots of chains!)