Monday, January 11, 2010

Bear paw booties

My sweet friend loved the little bear beanie cap I made for her soon-to-arrive son and thought it would be even more perfect with bear paw booties. My experience lays mostly with square/rectangular objects so there was a lot of starting over with this project. And am I thrilled down to my toes? Okay, they're really cute! But the raging perfectionist in me wants to start all over again. At a certain point, I had to wave the white flag and be happy with my newly modified skills. I must say, I'm starting to understand crocheting much more now - now that I'm experimenting outside the box / outside the baby afghan - lol!!! And to make sure I'm not stealing anyone's credit, I based the booties off of a pattern from CrochetMe, but had to make them quite a bit smaller so that they would fit an infant. The bear paws are just little circles that I made and then stiched on. Not bad, right?

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