Thursday, January 7, 2010

Current purchase obsession - I need a new purse

I'm very ready for a new purse.  I was hoping to do some purse shopping while I was in California at Christmas time, but ran out of time.  I have a coach bag now that I've been very happy with.  The leather braided strap stays on my shoulder, it's not too big, it has the perfect pockets for my keys and iphone.....

but I've had it a year and a half and I want something with more room and more pockets.  I want one that opens at the top with a covered magnet closure (no flap like my current one and no zipper) and 1-2 dividers in the main compartment so that I have nice ways to keep my coupons and sunglasses separate from other contents.  My friend recently got a new coach bag, the maggie, that I thought was perfect, but after trying it on I found that the leather straps slip right off my shoulder.  It's a good thing too, because the retail price on that purse was way more than I'd like to pay. 

I know what you're thinking - what, Coach purse?  I thought this girl was thrifty with her coupons and trying to save money by paying with cash.  But a girl's gotta have a good purse!  We all have our weaknesses, right?  It's a balancing game - I save with coupons, bargain shopping, buying second hand and then every couple of years, I splurge and buy a good purse.  If it's any consolation, this last purse was bought at the MCX at the recruit depot in San Diego.  If you're not familiar, an MCX is a Marine Corps Exchange (my husband is active duty) and they sell name brand items at a lower price plus there is no it was a little bit of a bargain ;-). 

I found a great purse at the Cole Haan outlet.  It was brown suede and slouchy and had leather ropey handles, but I was afraid that one of the straps would keep falling off my shoulder and it didn't have any of the dividers inside that I was looking for.  It was on sale for 60% off, but I was afraid I wanted it for all the wrong reasons.  I'm having buyers remorse and wishing I would have bought it.  Not sure if I'll find "the" purse at that price. 

I've looked online and I'm burnt out.  I went to a few local stores like Marshalls and Dillards, but can't find what I'm looking for in a brand that I like.  Plus, I have shoppers guilt when making such a purchase this big. It's humbled me enough to be happy with what I have for a little while longer. 

Hopefully, I'll get a new purse before summer :-P.

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