Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saved $10.05!!

It was slightly discouraging to only save $10.05, but the coupons weren't in my favor while doing my weekly grocery shopping yesterday.  There were several times that I had a coupon for the item I wanted, but another brand was cheaper or our commissary didn't carry a brand I had a coupon for.  I still made some good shopping choices, so I can't complain.  Ten dollars saved is still ten dollars.  The previous two trips, I had been able to buy Rayovac batteries with $3 off coupons and those really accounted for a big chunk of my coupon savings.  So, I will not be discouraged, but will continue to save and track my savings.  My 2010 savings total was $59 and this now brings it to $69.05 and the month is only half over. 

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