Friday, February 12, 2010

Finally, a new purse

I'm not sure anyone knows how to obsess like I do :D.

After spending way too much time searching for the "perfect" purse, I finally put myself out of my misery today. I've shopped online and been to anywhere in Yuma that has purses. Marshalls seemed to have the best selection and I often found purses there that were much closer to something I wanted than anywhere else I had looked. I think I went there twice a week for the past few weeks hoping that one of their purses would be the "perfect" purse.

Initially, I wanted a nice brown leather or suede purse and I wanted it to have more pockets inside, like a zippered pocked that divides the purse in half. This one is Marigold. It's a bit colorful for me, but hey, I'll be hip now, right? I like the double pockets on the sides, perfect for keys in the zipper and phone in the open pocket towards me when wearing it and I can put my camera in the zippered pocket on the other side and my sunglasses in the open pocket. I really like the magnetic closure for the main body - it's one of those magnets that is under the leather (really neat!). And it's real leather. While it wasn't super cheap, it didn't break the bank either. I saw a few purse possibilities that were about $25, but really, how long will a purse that price last? This purse, which retailed for much more, was on clearance at Marshalls for about $50. I tried it out at the commissary today and while it is deeper than my old purse and easier to loose things down there, it seems to do it's job. And obviously, it will take a little time to adjust to, too. So, it's over.....I can move on. And I have room inside to carry my coupons and money organizer and that was my main objective. WOOT! WOOT!
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