Friday, February 12, 2010

Slippers that fit!

In case you don't remember my first attempt at slippers, but while they looked cute, they were much too big. So, I made another attempt and while I'm so pleased that 1) they fit, 2) they're the same size!!!, and 3)they keep my feet warm, they're not all that trendy - lol! I opted to skip the mary-jane strap for more coverage....I like my feet warm. I'm proud of my elf slippers non the less.

I just did continues rounds of double crochets. (I chained 3 at the start of each new row)
Row 1: 6 dc in a loop
Row 2: 2 dc in each dc
Row 3: 2dc in next dc, dc in next dc (repeat around)
Row 4: 2 dc in next dc, dc in next 2 dc (repeat around)
Row 5: 2 dc in next dc, dc in next 3 dc (repeat around)
Row 6: dc in each dc around
Rows 7-11: repeat row 6
Row 12: dc in next 19 dc
Row 13: turn, dc in next 19 dc
Rows 14-18: repeat row 13
To finish: I threaded the yarn down to the center and then folded the heal part in half and then single crocheted the 2 edges together. Then I single crocheted around the edge, doing 3 single chains together at the two corners and finishing off once I made it back around to the heel.
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