Friday, February 12, 2010

Sweet Rewards!!

Had a good today full of lots of coupon savings!!! This is a picture of me and my son having drink treats - and we used coupons for both!!! I love teaching my family about smart shopping. After our busy Target shopping where we saved $2.05 (we only bought gum, shampoo and soap for the kids, and a travel size Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo that was free with the coupon) we needed to treat ourselves to a little drink. I had a coupon for $1 off a frappachino and one for $0.55 off an Odwalla drink that I used at the Starbucks inside Target and only spent $1.55 for both drinks!

$0.05 of our Target savings was for using our own bags.  Check out my son's blog about being green!

Savings update:
$18.35 at Commissary on 02/05/2010 (late about posting this)
$2.05 at Target today
$1.55 at Starbucks today
$18.48 at the Commissary today

Today's savings of $22.08 + last week's commissary savings of $18.35 + $117.19 saved already this year = 157.62 saved for 2010 so far!!
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