Friday, February 12, 2010

Where have I been?

My new website, YumaMom, has been my current obsession.  So far, I'm still really enjoying it, but it takes a lot of time to keep it current.  And I have learned SOOOO much about the world wide web, from RSS feeds to HTML code and that has taken up a lot of time too.  It's not just about posting things on the blog, but also about making it a usable product.

I've added a calendar to the site that links back to YumaMom posts with more information.  I also created a Fan Page on Facebook for YumaMom (called and with that, found a way for my blog posts to directly feed to the Facebook Fan Page - all very exciting!!  Look how many fans I have!!

I have advertisements through Google AdSense on the main site: and when someone clicks on one of the ads, I get paid.  While it's usually about $0.20 a click and there are several days that no one clicks at all, I've made about $80 in the 4 weeks the site has been up and running.  And I'm getting such positive responses from other moms, it's so encouraging.  While $80 a month does little to compensate me for the endless hours I put into this, I can only hope that the revenues will increase as the site's popularity increases.

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