Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hat's off to me!

After making the cute little teddy bear beanie hat, I was inspired to try to make a beanie hat for myself.  Not as easy as it seemed.  The one pattern I tried to go off us, gave a gauge instead of a hook size and I guess wrong - the hat was way too big.  I tried again changing the pattern up a bit and the hat didn't seem to be coming out even.  Before I gave up completely, I decided to make another baby hat instead since I had better luck at that.  Except this time I used a lighter weight yarn and the hat is way too tiny for any new born I'm sure.  While flipping through Step by Step to Better Knitting & Crochet, the other book I picked up at the library last week, I found a hat pattern that listed a crochet hook and set off again to make a hat for myself.  I modified the pattern a bit to get the stripe that I wanted, worked in continuous rounds, and used an F/5 hook....And Viola!  It was a success! 

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